Klein, Julia

Klein, Julia
Colorado State University

The broad goals of my research are to understand how interacting global changes affect pastoral and mountain ecosystems and livelihoods; to detect the patterns and underlying mechanisms driving these responses and feedbacks; and to identify actions and pathways to increase adaptation opportunities and contribute to sustainable futures. My work spans multiple systems and scales, including the eastern and central alpine grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau; the shortgrass steppe and alpine region of Colorado; and global syntheses of grassland, arctic/alpine and mountain systems worldwide. I employ a suite of study approaches that combine experimental manipulations, landscape analysis, local ecological knowledge and modeling. My work - which typically entails international, interdisciplinary research teams – contributes to the fields of ecosystem science and sustainability science.

Research Interests: 
Ecosystem and Herder Vulnerability to Extreme Weather Events, Climate Warming and Natural Resource Policies on the Tibetan Plateau