Gu, Baojing

Gu, Baojing
Zhejiang University

Dr. Gu’s research focuses on the nitrogen biogeochemical cycle in coupled human and natural systems. His objectives are to gain insight into how regional and global nitrogen cycles response to human disturbance, including: 1) process and mechanism of environmental change in urbanized region; 2) nitrogen cycle and its regulatory mechanism in human activities dominated regions; 3) ecological modeling of coupled human and natural systems; 4) the role of industrial nitrogen cycle for the global nitrogen cycle; 5) sources and regulatory mechanisms of atmospheric and water nitrogen pollutions. 

Fig. Nitrogen cycling in the CHANS. Arrows represent nitrogen fluxes; solid rectangles represent subsystems; dashed lines represent boundaries of system and functional groups, of which green color represents processor, red color represents consumer, cyan color represents remover, and blue color represents life-supporter. See Gu et al., 2009, Ecol Appl, 19(4): 974-988 and Gu et al., 2011, Environ. Res. Lett., 2011, 6, 014011 listed as follow for details.

Research Interests: 
Biogeochemistry, Urban Ecology, Ecological Modelling, Development Economics