Frank, Beatrice

Frank, Beatrice
Oklahoma State University

Beatrice Frank primary interest is exploring the human-nature interface and the environmental challenges related to global socio-ecological changes. She has a trans-disciplinary background obtained through a BSc in Biology, an MSc in Conservation Biology and a PhD in Natural Resources Management. Her current post-doctoral research within the National Science Foundation (NSF) project “Adapting Socio-ecological Systems to Increased Climate Variability” ( focus on coupled human and natural systems sensitivity to climate variability and change. Her research emphasis is on resilience, vulnerability, human security and environmental justice related to socio-ecological systems. She works on implementing decision-making models to connect micro, meso, and macro community features with local ecological conditions and on engaging communities in discourse about coping capacity and preparedness in the face of climate variability and change across Oklahoma.

Research Interests: 
Human dimensions of natural resource management and conservation, Coupled human-natural system capacity to withstand changes through resilience, adaptability and transformability, Environmental justice and human security related to climate change