Bobryk, Christopher

Bobryk, Christopher
University of Missouri

I am currently a doctoral student in the GIS and Spatial Analysis Laboratory at the University of Missouri-Columbia. My professional experiences began as an environmental consultant in Detroit, Michigan where I worked with clients, engineers and other scientists on resolving issues in water resources, site restoration and soil remediation. I left industry to pursue a Masters degree in biology and concentrated on spatial modeling for producing risk assessments.  My current research entails modeling dynamics of aboveground forest biomass along the Missouri River floodplain corridor. The goal is to help drive sustainable management prescriptions and guide policy on landuse decisions when considering biomass as a major source for biofuel generation.

I am pleasantly surprised at how I arrived here and how my passions of life and ecology have evolved. My future goals are to continue to use modeling techniques (geostatistical analyses, remote sensing, landscape ecology, etc.) to advance research in coupled human/environment interactions. Future projects include identifying margainal land at regional scales, using LiDAR information for retrieving forest stand structure, and modeling how the propagation of anthropogenic noise influences the dynamics of the soundscape within a Mediterranean nature preserve.   

Research Interests: 
Landscape ecology, Ecological risk assessment, Landuse dynamics