Blum, Michael

Blum, Michael
Tulane University

Associate Professor , PI

Eugenie Schwartz Professor of River & Coastal Studies

Director, Tulane / Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research

My early work examined how land use and landscape change destabilize hybrid zones, and how unstable hybrid zones relate to models of evolutionary diversification. This research focused on Neotropical butterflies that serve as model systems for the study of hybridization, speciation and adaptive radiations. My current research applies my understanding of hybridization and adaptive evolution to the study of land use, invasive species and climate change impacts on aquatic ecosystems. Although I have been involved in research that encompasses a range of freshwater and estuarine biota, I am now pursuing studies of freshwater fishes and coastal marsh plants.

Research Interests: 
Ecological Genetics of Stream Fishes and Coastal Marsh Plants