Balvanera, Patricia

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

I research the links between plant biodiversity and ecosystem services, using pattern analysis, and developing conceptual frameworks and analytical tools at several spatial scales. Given its interdisciplinary nature all my research is in collaboration with colleagues.

At the local scale, we analyze the nature of tropical dry forest biodiversity, how it is spatially distributed, responds to management, and contributes to provision of ecosystem services relevant to local stakeholders and aim at developing plot/landscape sustainable management schemes. We have also developed analytical tools to describe the local relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem function and performed synthetic meta-analyses on the topic.

At the regional scale, we analyze the spatial patterns of plant biodiversity and that of ecosystem service provision; by combining these with the understanding of associated socio-economic drivers we will develop integrated ecosystem management frameworks.

At the national scale, we are mapping ecosystem service provision as well as the benefits they provide to society and will highlight key tradeoffs to inform federal level decision makers.