Centres and Peripheries: Reconfiguring Post-COVID-19 Urban Landscapes.

Date and Time: 
Fri, 02/05/2021 - 8:00am - 4:00pm


Keynote 1: Lesley Green (University of Cape Town), anthropologist and environmental humanities scholar, author of the recent book Rock | Water | Life which examines the interwoven realities of inequality, racism, colonialism, and environmental destruction in South Africa.

Keynote 2: Simone Farresin (Eindhoven Design Academy, NL), co-founder of Formafantasma design, and co-leader of the GEODesign masters course; co-curator of the exhibition ‘Cambio’ at the Serpentine Galleries (London). He will speak on "Bringing global ecological concerns into design practice". 

Keynote 3: Jianguo "Jack" Liu (Michigan State University, US), an ecologist focusing on sustainability and global connections and interactions, will speak on “Telecoupling, sustainability and resilience in the post-Covid19 perspective”.  

Keynote 4: Emanuele Coccia (EHESS, France) is a philosopher known in particular for his work on plants and his cross-disciplinary collaborations with architects, artists, and designers. He is the author of The life of plants and Métamorphoses.  He will speak on ecology, the city, and the home.

Keynote 5: Stephanie Hare, technologist, political risk analyst and historian, will discuss the future of cities and her forthcoming book Technology Ethics which explores how 

biometrics and other data central to smart cities relates to our privacy, civil liberties and human rights.


Leading thinkers from fields including philosophyurban ecology, anthropology, art and design will tease out common perspectives and policy applications for resilient and meaningful smart, green, urban futures. 

The Covid-19 pandemic is entangled with landscapes, globalization, and connections and has tested economies, love, and solidarity. What seemed to be a secure vision of the future – urban, smart, green, connected, equitable – has been called into question. Have cities become more risky? Have rural spaces become more valuable?  Are global connections an increased threat, or the key to improved resilience?